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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Was it Writing All Along?

Looking back, I think writing has always been it for me. You know, the big it. I only really started thinking about this today, but now that I've started, I remember wanting to be a writer for most of my life. When I was ten I wrote two mystery books (without much mystery in them) for my English class. I don't remember too much about them, but I remember the main character was a mouse who acted a bit like Sherlock Holmes, only she was a she mouse and not a he mouse. I also remember my Aunt saying that the ending was a bit of a let down. I'm not really sure what she expected from a ten year old; the most mysterious thing I could think of was that someone had lost something and Mystery Mouse had helped them to find it, which she often did just by poking around in their house.
This is not my Mystery Mouse but someone else's.
There were also many books which I started to write and never finished. Many, many books. Most of them were initially inspired by books like "Black Briar," by William Sleator, "Jacob Have I Loved," by Katherine Paterson, "The Babysitters Club" series, or anything by R.L Stein.

For some reason my books always started with the main character, who was usually a girl, looking out her car window and watching the trees go by while her parents drove her to a new home. Her family had always made her move, and she was always obviously and loudly upset with them. Ten years old and I was already completely unoriginal. How sad for me.

Thankfully, now I've learned a little about blogging and can write about anything, not just girls displaced by their parents' wanting to move to a new town. I'll probably still continue to be unoriginal, though.

The good thing is that instead of taking my cues from young adult romance novelists, I now get my inspiration from other bloggers who are usually very good at writing and often very entertaining. I follow these wonderful writers around much like that shy, dorky girl in high school followed the popular kids around, except I most likely will never be noticed because I'm the super shy girl who, at every school event, is hiding behind the big, fat guy and no one will ever know I'm there because no one ever wants to look at the big, fat guy. That and the popular people are now regular, everyday people who are gifted with exceptionally healthy doses of humor, probably from being an unpopular high school stalker. So we've come full circle, and THAT'S why I've finally decided that I want to be a writer like the cool kids.

Were you an unpopular high school stalker? Have you recently found your own big IT? Do you have any writing tips? Can you tell I'm fishing for comments? You can leave one, if you like.

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