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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Dreaded Blank Page of a First Post

So, here I am, staring at the extremely blank page of my first blog post ever. Actually, I take it back, I often do blogging for my job. Just about every Monday, to tell you the truth. This is completely different. I wonder how many people started up a blog and just stopped right here? Anyway, if you are reading this, I am amazed. It would be nice to have someone take a look at what I have to say, but I'm really not expecting it. I think it will work out better this way.

This blog will encompass many things. It will talk about the absolute joy I find in gaming, even though I've been trying to stay away from Skyrim for a little over a week now. I will wax eloquent regarding my inability to make a specific craft work. For example, any card I am currently making, a knitting pattern I have recently thrown on the floor, or the scrapbook that I can never seem to get started. My blog will also go in depth into my love/hate relationship with movies and learning how to cook. I may mention my husband once in a while. (By the way, he was the one who thought this was a good idea - now you know who to blame.) I'll probably never mention Taylor Lautner, except for right now. If you find his name in this blog more than once, please let me know, so I can find a suitable punishment for my mind.

On a completely different note:

Who does a mediocre-esque looking person (I think this is me) have to sleep with to get a good game studio to finally put out Battlefront III?!?!? HELLO, the PlayStation 3 needs this! My 2 is only about 8 years old, but in gaming platform years that's like 80! By the way, I can't actually sleep with anyone to get this done, but I can try to find someone to do it. Maybe even pay them some money. I think I've got 40 bucks in my pocket right now, so how does a 30 dollar hooker sound, person who will take on Lucas Arts? Please get back to me about my offer, you're our only hope.

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