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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diet Sabotage

So yesterday was hubbie’s birthday and also a Monday night, which is our regular turbo kickboxing night.

I kind of wish I had her pants and obvious ninja skills
Brent is funny because he didn’t even think about skipping out on TKB for his birthday. Instead he decides that he wants to give everyone in our kickboxing class a special birthday treat – cupcakes. That’s right, we took cupcakes to our local 24 Hour Fitness. You should’ve seen us walking up to the gym with two trays full of 80 mini chocolate and vanilla cake batter cupcakes.

Sprinkles mean birthday goodness
We picked up a ponderously large group of drooling gawkers on our way in the door, not to mention a crap load of dirty looks. The most popular question of the night was an outraged, “Why would you bring cupcakes to a gym?” Brent’s birthday was obviously not a good enough excuse for most people. Fortunately, the workers at 24 Hour saved us from having to stand with trays in front of the treadmills, cupcakes held enticingly out of reach. Thank goodness for people who work out enough that they don’t worry about eating a mini cupcake or two.

As for the rest of the people in our class, you would think that a cupcake was the end of the world. It was like by giving out this one small treat we would send people down a never ending diabetic spiral of binge eating, glucose overdose, and straight fat injections. On the contrary, in my experience with my recent weight loss, it helps to do everything in moderation. Cutting out treats like cupcakes and cookies completely from my diet only leads me to gorging when I finally allow myself to have one.

Gorge-ous cupcakes
Anyway, our awesome friend Brandon was gracious enough to supply our diet sabotaging stunt with his amazing cupcakes. You can order your own from BrandonCakes if you happen to be in the area. My favorite flavors are Ice Wine, Bubblegum, Li Hing Lemon, Tie-Dye, Vanilla Cake Batter...

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