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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This IS The Doily I'm Looking For

Oh happy, happy day! I FINALLY finished that doily that, about two weeks ago, I said was only supposed to take a couple of days. Take a look! It actually turned out to be a doily instead of a sock or a beanie or a basket or some such thing. Coincidentally, you know what else was only supposed to take a few days and ended up taking WAY longer?

Felucia: Marshland
My "brief" tour as a clone in Felucia. (Hello Battlefront III? We're going on like 7 years now.) Thank goodness for Aayla Secura's chicky Jedi awesomeness.

Anyway, the main reason why this doily took so much longer than I expected was because - well, the further along you get in a doily the more stitches you have to make, and that means that it takes longer and longer for you to complete each subsequent row. It almost felt like I was creating some kind of wormholish paradoxical doily where the closer I got to completion the farther away I was from actually being finished. Honestly, I just SERIOUSLY underestimated the time involved in a project like this.

That being said, the end results were, I think, pretty well worth it. The doily came out beautifully despite paradoxical wormholing and its constantly trying to change into a pair of leg warmers. There were a couple of things, however, that I really need to work on.

First, I need better tools and a better proficiency for blocking my piece. I learned that washing and blocking are very important for the sizing and shape of the work and I'm sure they can be done a tid bit more conveniently than my method of sticking pins randomly into various stitches in the vain hope that they will magically give my doily a prettier shape.


Second - I can't really remember what my second thing was. Never underestimate the power of a time-warping doily? Don't lose your crochet hook by sticking it into your messy hair and forgetting about it and then taking a couple of days to find it under the bed? (The hook wasn't in my hair for days, mind you. It fell out eventually and ended up as a dust bunny's jousting lance.) Maybe I should just try again. I think I'm almost ready for my next one.

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